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Debbie Abrahamson


photograph of Debbie Abrahamson

I seek beauty

in the sacred

and the profane,

light and


motion and


dark void surrounded by abstract body parts

A film writer and director, I received my BA from the University of Pennsylvania, my MA from Stanford University, and my MFA in film production from the University of Southern California. At USC, I used film to translate the psychological state of my female protagonists, exploring such themes as identity, sexuality, alienation, and creativity, always seeking to distill beauty from within the darkness. I made several short live action films that screened in festivals worldwide, and my award-winning thesis film, The Void, was nominated to represent USC for the national Princess Grace award. Since graduating from USC and moving to New York City, I have written and directed The Goldfish, which has screened in many international film festivals. Recently, I have finished two animation screenplays, in which the female protagonists still search for truth amidst the chaos, albeit as the young ages of seven and twelve. I am currently writing Aletheia, a horror screenplay that I plan to direct, and the first in The Water Trilogy. Looking back, I realize that all my films have an element of existential horror, so this transition seems only natural. I was born in Montreal, Canada. My favorite food is cotton candy. 

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